The love triangle continues

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Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran can’t seem to get enough of each other. The pair allegedly called it quits over a sexy picture that Brown posted of Tran on Instagram. But on Thursday night, the two were spotted leaving the Hollywood Hennessy Party together.


A source close to Tran told that Tran can’t seem to part ways from the R&B singer.

Karrueche can’t stay away from Chris because they’re young and in love. She just can’t shake it and nor can he. I think they are just really drawn to one another. They care about each other. It’s why you go back to something you know isn’t good for you.

However, despite if the two are “‘head over heels” for one another other, Rihanna continuously to be in the picture. According to, Brown briefly called it quits with Tran in February so that he could reunite with Rihanna.

“He goes back to Rihanna so often.”

“Rihanna keeps going back to him because she’s a glutton for punishment and he was probably her first real love,” the source said.

Strangely enough, Brown is not ‘playing them’, “I just think they have a weird relationship,” the source said.

“He’s clearly tied to both women,” the source continued. “He’s emotionally and physically attracted to both.” “He will always be tied to Rihanna and they will always have a connection,” the source admitted.

But Tran seems to have the upper hand.

“Karrueche just seems nicer than Rihanna,” the source said. “She has a less strong personality.”


Sherley Boursiquot—@sherleybee_


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  • Keena Williams says:

    Karrueche is pretty.She seems very sweet and smart.But her career isnt very dynamic.Once it fizzies out.Do you believe CB would support her for the rest of her life.He is so arrogant.I think so little of him as a person.