Take a ride, it’s 1996 all you hear on the radio is Bad Boy. As Suge Knight would say, “Dancing, all in the videos, all in the songs,” it was very true but in a good way, if you liked it. Biggie was killing the airwaves but, the Petite Powerhouse (as we referred to back in 1996), Lil’ Kim made her presence known as well. Back to back we had classic bangers like Playa’s Anthem and Not Tonight and then she stepped out on her own. The album formerly titled, Queen Bee, was now Hardcore and it was the prime time for Kimberly Jones to make her mark.

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Ghetto fabulous coming down the escalator, rhyming about foreign brands with a slick tongue (pun intended) and a twist of women empowerment were the ingredients of what Lil’ Kim stand out. Not to mention, being the only female in the crew, you just had to pay attention. But what made the album so classic? Let’s nit pick a minute.