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Ah Ah Ah

Bobby Shmurda has had the streets talking and dancing (literally) for the past 2 weeks to his hit street record, “Hot N***a”. It wasn’t long before artists like Meek Mill, and Fab acknowledged the young man. However, Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run Tour stopped just near Hov’s hometown of Brooklyn at The MetLife stadium. Right before Beyonce got into “Flawless”, she did what appeared to be her version of the “Shmoney Dance”.


The couple is so low-key who would’ve thought they even knew what the #shmoneydance was; clearly nobody had any idea this was coming.  Go Bey.

UPDATE: In the middle of Jay’s set, he performed one of his hits from Magna Carta Holy Grail  “F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit”, and even the almighty Hov acknowledged Bobby Shmurda by inserting “Shmoney Dance” in one of the songs notorious lines, changing “Come money dance with the good fellas” to “Come #shmoney dance with the good fellas”.  You can watch the video above.





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