Everyone’s headed home it seems

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Yesterday, LeBron James dropped the biggest sports bombshell of the year, and made one of the biggest (and heart-warming) moves in sports, probably in this century, when he announced to Sports Illustrated–in as subtle and humble of a manner as one could imagine–that he was returning home to Ohio to become a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers once again.

Once the hoopla subsided, all the lights and cameras focused their attention on Carmelo Anthony, who had a big decision to make, similar to the one LeBron had to make in 2010. Leave his hometown of New York City and go play for the Chicago Bulls–a far better team, with far better hopes of winning an NBA Championship than the Knicks as of press time–or stay home, and place his faith in Phil Jackson and first-year Head Coach Derek Fisher, and build a championship contender here in NY?


It appears the latter is the decision Melo will be announcing at some point today, as reported by Adrian Wojarowski, the ever reliable sports writer for Yahoo! Sports. He just posted to his Twitter account that Carmelo Anthony is expected to inform the Knicks of his return at some time today, which is good news for Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher, who are about to see their jobs become a lot easier, but more importantly, for New York basketball fans everywhere.

Welcome home (reportedly), Melo.