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Pretty tough question

Keke Palmer recently kicked off her brand new daytime TV spot on BET, Just Keke, and earlier today, her guest was one Ms. Karrueche Tran, who has been talked about as much on the blogs and on the entertainment web as her celebrity boyfriend, Chris Brown, as of late, due to the couple’s reunion post-incarcerated CB, and the apparent messages they seem to be sending each other via social media in less happy times.


Finally, Karrueche has made a syndicated press appearance–contrary to popular belief, subliminal Instagram and Twitter comments don’t suffice–on Keke Palmers fledgling TV spot, and when asked to describe what she had to go through and deal with during an uncomfortable love triangle last year that featured Chris Brown and Rihanna spending an unprecedented amount of time together (and not bothering to shy away from paparazzi), Karrueche broke down into tears, prompting Keke to stop her line of questioning to comfort the young entrepreneur before the interview could continue.

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