Remember the time your phone and tablet’s battery were both drained while at the airport? 

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You should’ve brought back-up power!

Meet the Powerbox. Straight out of Cleveland, Ohio. Featured in April at Macworld, the square shaped Powerbox houses two USB ports capable of charging your phone and tablet simultaneously. The Powerbox 10,000mAh Power Bank charges an iPhone up to six times and is then rechargeable more than 500 times.


powerbox with ipad_iphone

Throw the Powerbox in your backpack or purse and retrieve it when you need a boost in battery life.

While everyone is fighting for a spot at a wall outlet, you’re the smart one with the ability to charge with your device on your lap or desk

“It’ll never let you down,” said Unibat founder Justin Miller. “It’s not something you want to hide away. It’s something you want to show off.”

The $69.99 Powerbox runs on Lithium-Ion Technology and has an LED Indicator that notifies you of battery life. Think of it as a command center at your fingertips!

The device is Apple, Android, Windows, and Kindle friendly and comes with a 6″ Micro USB cable. It’s available in white with a silver steel trim and coming soon in champagne gold.



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