Unaccompanied alien children(UAC) are smothering the Southwestern U.S. border

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Children and teens have descended on the southwestern U.S. border fleeing their homes in unusual numbers, it has grown into an expensive, political and humanitartian crisis. Filling up shelters and draining law-abiding tax payers pockets, while there cases are decided. The federal government has been scrambling to open additonal emergency facilities across the country, such as St. Paul’s University, an HBCU in Lawrenceville, Virginia to house the underage, illegal immigrants. This is during the same time that Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson, a clinical School Psychologist from Philadelphia, has been trying to raise funds to open the vacated college as a Afrikan centered school exclusively for black boys.

President Obama requested $3.7 billion to help fix the border crisis, pay for education and urgent healthcare for the children, along with legal counsel, for the illegal immigrants at their deportation hearings. Republicans have shown their opposition to the request by submitting alternatives and asserting immediate problems can be resolved for less money. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose state is at the nucleus of the border crisis, says he won’t comply with the presidents request to persuade the Texas Congressional Delegation to concur to his request for the emergency funds.


Some critics of laws feel they have no business in the U.S., while volunteer foster families, United Nations and advocates feel these youths are like all other refugees that escape from crime and violence in their homelands, but even more susceptible.

Minors apprehended at the border from Mexico or Canada can rapidly be turned back home in expedited removal proceedings. However those from other countries feel they have nothing to lose, sending their young off to the border, in hopes of a better life, an opportunity to grow up in a safe home and live the American dream. Youth, mostly teens, some as young as toddlers are transferred to the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) where the children remain in custody until they can be placed with family members in the U.S. or in foster care, awaiting a decision on whether they can start a new life here in America or go back home, a decision which can easily be life or death.

In Rio Grande Valley, Texas where the majority of the border crossings occur, apprehensions have elevated 178 percent over the past year, totaling 37,621 solo minors detained so far this year, a number that will most likely change by nights end.

For the first 8 1/2 months of 2014’s fiscal year, 52,193 unaccompanied minors have been brought into custody. A whopping 99 percent increase since 2013.

The ORR has also seen its caseload jump sharply in recent years, from 2005 through 2011 it saw 7,000 to 8,000 unaccompanied children. Jump to last year and the number has increased to 24,668 according to numbers recieved by HHS, officals project the office will receive at least 60,000 referrals.

-Sara D.(@evolaras4real)