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“Wish I Was Here,” the new movie from director Zach Braff (“Garden State”) tells a funny, touching, universal story of what it means to be at a major crossroads as a parent, spouse, and child — all at once.

Co-written and directed by Braff, the Focus Features release stars Zach Braff, Kate Hudson, Mandy Patinkin, Josh Gad, Joey King, Pierce Gagnon.

Kate Hudson

Josh Gad, Ashley Greene, Zach Braff, Kate Hudson, Joey King and Donald Faison attended the ‘Wish I Was Here’ screening at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on July 14, 2014 in New York City. Other guests in attendance included Tony Goldwyn, Allison Williams, Chris Rock and James Franco.


We spoke with Zach Braff on the red carpet.

What was the most interesting thing that you learned from making this film?

ZB: The most interesting thing I learned was that there was such a hunger from my fanbase for more films that they were willing to say, “Yes, we’ll back this. We’ll get involved. Sure we’ll buy a t-shirt or we’ll come visit the set or we’ll be an extra and together we’ve made a movie with no corporate involvement at all and that was pretty miraculous that it worked. There were lot of people that didn’t think that it would work, and when it worked in 48 hours it was pretty miraculous.

So working with fans as extras, did you discover anyone?

ZB: There were some great people. You know mostly it was fun, most of these people watch movies but hadn’t been on sets so it was a great experience as a film geek to bring fans around and say, “This is why we light it this way or this is a dolly track!” and I love that. I speak at film schools and stuff so when the fans were there it was more special and it was great for everyone. They got to have that experience and I got to meet them and kind of teach in a way.

Which cast member is the biggest pottymouth?

Me me me.

Donald Faison

What did you love about the script?

DF: I liked how real it was. I like how – eventually you have to give up your dream and become a man and that’s what this movie’s about. It’s about a man who wants to be something and realizes it’s not gonna happen, what can I do to still be in somewhat of a proximity of that dream, and it also deals with death and family. So yeah, just how real it felt.

The film hits theaters this Friday, July 18, expanding July 25 and August 1.

-Tristen Yang