District of Columbia Police Department prepares wallet-size cards with key facts about The District’s new marijuana law

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After reports of stark racial disparities in marijuana arrest statistics, The District of Columbia has formed a new law which will change how police handle weed possession. Starting July 17th, police will no longer be able to arrest or take action after smelling the odor of marijuana. But the MPDC doesn’t want residents to get confused, hence the purpose of the information cards.

People who are caught using marijuana in pubic places, or with amounts larger than one ounce are subject to be arrested and charged with a crime. Those with less than an ounce, or in a private place will not be allowed to interrogate or arrest, but simply confiscate visible contraband and issue a ticket for a $25 fine.


Earlier this month, The Source reported that Washington State would be issuing their first retail marijuana licenses, making the popular plant available for recreational purposes. While states on the east coast have not conformed with the decisions of many west coast states, the progress on possession laws are making substantial changes.

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[Washington Post has contributed to this article]