Plot twist

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Andrew Wiggins, the #1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, was thought to be untouchable by NBA executives. After LeBron James announced he would be returning home to his native Ohio to become a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers once again, 4 years after devastating the organization by leaving to play 4 years–and win two championships–as a member of the Miami Heat, the Cavs front office began persuading quality role players to flock to the Cavs to help LeBron bring a championship to his home.

Kevin Love, however, is not a role player. He’s an All-Star, an All NBA First Team caliber player, and a superstar talent. He’s the type of player a front office can build a team around, so the thought of him joining forces in Cleveland with LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins–oh, not to mention, the All-Star Starter Kyrie Irving at point guard–is a devastating one, especially if you’re a fan of any of the NBA’s other 29 teams. However, Andrew Wiggins might be a part of that equation in an alternate manner. Rather than becoming one with James, Irving and Love, Wiggins may be the cog in the potential trade. While most thought talks had dissipated surrounding a possible Cavaliers trade for Kevin Love, Sportscenter just announced that Andrew Wiggins just became a possible trade option once again, in spite of reports surfacing last week that Cavs brass were absolutely not putting Andrew Wiggins on the table.


Something’s afoot. Now that Lance Stephenson has signed with Charlotte, this move might be the biggest one left in 2014 NBA Free Agency.