We got a chance to sit down with the beautiful Mishael Morgan as she talked about her character Hilary from The Young & The Restless, her newest show Backpackers, and having World Cup fever. 

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Check out the interview. 

Is your character Hilary similar to you?


Mishael Morgan: She’s definitely organized and very a-tight. I think that I have a little bit of those similarities. I’m pretty a-tight, I noticed it growing up. I just started to follow my passion.

I heard that you call yourself a “foodie” would you consider opening a restaurant one day?

M.M.: That would be a dream of mine. I really don’t want to do anything except to manage it & collect the money, and of course eat. I’m not really a cook and one day, I probably want to do a food & travel show. That would definitely be nice. I love going to different places and eating different food.

Do you ever get starstruck working with Kristoff St. John?

M.M.: That’s so funny that you asked me that because at first I was nervous and I started to get teary-eyed and I’m like what is this. Working with him has been an amazing experience for me.

Since you are Trinidadian, who are you rooting for this year’s World Cup?

M.M.: All of my friends are into the World Cup and they are Portuguese. So I’m forced to root for Portugal

Congratulations on your new show Backpackers, what can fans expect from the show and when does it premieres?

M.M.: The show premieres in July and you could expect a lot of laughs and craziness. The show is about a bunch of young kids backpacking around Europe.

Who is your MCM (Man Crush Monday)?

M.M.: It would be Channing Tatum

What’s next for Mishael Morgan?

M.M.: Right now, I’m focusing on The Young & The Restless. I’m making guest appearances on other shows. I want my character Hilary to grow and still continuing with Backpackers and I’m in another movie called Swearnet.

You could follow this Young & The Restless star on social media on Twitter at @MishaelMorgan1 and watch her every Monday on the show Backpackers at 9:30 pm on CW.

Photo Credit: Wendy Hall

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)