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Marsha Ambrosius gives us a sensual and seductive sophomore album with the release of her new project, Friends & Lovers. Three years after the release of Late Nights & Early Mornings the British singer and songwriter, and former member of Floetry delivers, entirely, with this 14 track account of the pain, the joy and the ups and downs of a friend and lover.

The intro: a soft and humble beginning. Ambrosius tells us of a feeling brand new, a sexual attraction so strong that it can’t be silenced, weather right or wrong. A beat that flows in perfect harmony with the raw emotion she so effortlessly present to us. Never failing to complete us with her vocal and written skills, Friends & Lovers carries these blessings and displays them so gracefully you will be hooked by the end of the first track.


A few soul-filled moments later we are given the track “Night Time”, a beautiful track fuelled by a compelling sound and a hook that is so contagious you’ll press repeat. Ambrosius takes us on a journey and opens our imagination to thoughts of lust and attraction. The album starts as it means to go on, there is no apology for the feelings and motions this experience has taken her through – and we’re glad there isn’t – because it’s this honesty and openness that makes this album so addictive. It’s classy yet dirty, it’s sexy and sensual, but these messages are given to you by a woman that’s so in tune with her emotions and honest with her situations there’s no need for a sugar coated version. The album explores temptation, love, friendship and a desire and feeling so strong between two people that it cannot be dismissed.

Dr. Dre features on the track “Stronger” where we are faced with the art of pride and its alliances. A tribute to the wonderful, Sade and her 1988 single, the cover and edgy beat the captures the battle of pride vs. love perfectly. Each track is guided, softly hand in hand, from one to the next so naturally and so beautifully it’s hard to hear the gaps. Production from Eric Hudson, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League and others acclaimed come together to create a sound so delicate it will have you listening with ease from beginning to end.

Ending the album Ambrosius remains hopeful while dealing with the consequences of crossing boundaries. Going through the motions, Ambrosius engages in emotions of sadness, the pain of missing someone but keeps her heart open to love and all the heartache that can come with it. She tells us to open our hearts and trust our feelings when it comes to matters of the hearts, no matter the ‘what if’s.’ When Charlie Wilson’s voice appears for the first time in ‘Spend All My Time’ their voices entwine in a moment of magic and transport us to a dreamlike state that makes you just want to close your eyes and escape in the heavenly sound for a brief moment.

The album is a piece of art from a lady in love. It gives us an openly painted account of the pain and joy of an experience so powerfully heartfelt that it’s hard not to fall in love with the story being told. Captivating vocal ranges along with words and beats so infectious are what, combined; make this entire album a success. A beautifully seductive album created through passion and captured in talent.

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