High School teacher has relations with a student.

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Danielle Watkins, a 32- year old high school teacher from Stamford, Connecticut has been arrested on Thursday with two arrest warrants. Watkins has been having sexual relations with one of her students through out the year, and threatened to fail the student once he wanted these relations to stop.

Watkins was allegedly having sex with her 18 year old student in her car, and off school grounds from September 2013- June 2014. Along with having sex with the student, she has sent him nude pictures of herself. She provided marijuana for the male student along with a 15-year-old friend of his who was also a student of Watkins’. Watkins, and the two students would also smoke weed together off school property multiple properties.


After the student tried to end relations with Watkins, she accused the student of being with someone else, and also attacked him. Due to this, the student waited until the end of the year to tell a counselor who then went to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families and also the Board of Education.

Watkins’ car was pulled over by the police on June 27th to be searched, during the search, the officers found pot and a cell phone full of evidence. The cell phone contained 2,000 exchanged text messages between the two and hundreds of phone calls.

Danielle Watkins has two charges with two arrest warrants, the first one was with sexual assault and the sale of marijuana with a bond set at $75,000 for the first victim and the second is charged with the sale of marijuana and risk of injury to a minor with a bond set at $25,000 for the second victim.

Zalika Cuffy-Scott