Are you feeling out of touch with your partner lately? Have you tried everything and figured that nothing is working? Then, why not make a sex tape?

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Of course, be sure not to share it with everyone you know . . . and the mailman.

That was exactly what happened to Cameron Diaz’s and Jason Segel’s characters in Sex Tape, a new film in theaters today, directed by Jake Kasdan. Kasdan also directed Bad Teacher, in which Diaz and Segel starred. Sex Tape also stars Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper and Rob Lowe.


Annie (Diaz) is a stay at home mom of two who has her own website called “Whose Yo Mommy.” Her husband Jay (Segel) is a radio show host who receives free iPads whenever he gets tired of his old ones. (You can already tell how many product placements there are in the film). Annie is also trying to sell her website to Piper Brothers, whose CEO Hank (Lowe) is a misunderstood, but hard to please person that Annie learns is really just looking for a friend.

After the duo gives their iPads to the people they know – anyone ranging from Annie’s mom (played by Nancy Lenehan) to their neighbors Robbie (Corddry) and Tess (Kemper) and even Hank, they find themselves in an endless chase trying to recover every iPad and try to delete the sex tape from each one – which got uploaded remotely via “The Cloud.”

The movie is entertaining and funny, revolving on sight gags more than anything else. The main source of hilarity comes from seeing images from the tape and witnessing the wild hijinks the characters get into. The star duo’s openness with each other, made for some very awkward scenes. These made us laugh the most. What makes the film work is that it’s an idea that people have thought about and and the film shows the worst case scenario that could ever come out of it in the form of a comedy.


Sex Tape comes out Friday, July 18 and it’s a fun date movie.