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IloveMakonnen is probably one of the weirdest acts to come out of Atlanta this year, and besides for a few pink wigs that Andre wore, possibly ever. The twenty five year old artist has a flair that is all his own, something that many from the city can’t claim. As soon as the DJ tags fade away, leaving room only for his vocals to come through, there is a split second of absolute confusion; Makonnen’s vocals aren’t the easiest to immediately warm up too. He croons in and out of key, with no regard for pitch or structure. It will definitely throw a lot of people off at the onset. However, after a few listens it becomes infectious.

He is definitely someone to keep your eye on in the future, his two singles “Club Going Up On A Tuesday” and “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” are sure to hit the clubs heavy in the upcoming weeks. You can’t lose when you have some of the best producers in the A-town helping, as both Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin have provided left of center production for the emcee to experiment on. Check out his two singles and tells us what you think.


Just Jimi, @Nativejimi