J Dilla’s name is ubiquitous in hip hop and production, widely concerned one of the greatest artists to come from the genre. During a career that spanned over a decade, he helped to create a slew of classics, with artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, Common, and Black Star. Unfortunately, he was taken from us in 2006, due to complications with Lupus, but his legacy lives on forever. However, last night the Smithsonian announced their plans to make sure that a piece of Dilla’s life will stay in the public eye for all time.

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With the corporation of Ma Dukes (James Yancey’s mother) and intended to be housed in the Museum of African American History And Culture, Jaydee’s Moog, one of the last made by the late technician, will be on display at The Smithsonian. Joining an impressive cast of musical greats, like Jimi Hendrix’s guitar and James Brown’s Cape. It is a move that definitely needed happen, he means too much for culture not to be recognized in some fashion. We are excited to visit it in 2016.

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