I will huff and puff and blow…your ears???!

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Lance Stephenson made national headlines when he blew in LeBron James’ ear during the NBA playoffs between the Pacers and the Miami Heat.


However, he does not want that particular incident to define him as a basketball player.

“I feel like it overshadowed my play on the court,” Stephenson said during his introductory news conference Friday in Charlotte.“I bring more to the table than just blowing in someone’s ear. I’m a great player.”

Stephenson will play for the Charlotte Hornets for the next three seasons. His contract is worth $27 million, league sources said.

According to the Daily News, Hornets general manager Rich Cho says the 23-year-old Stephenson brings competitiveness, scoring ability, a defensive presence and a wealth of playoff experience — all things the Hornets need to take the next step and become a perennial playoff contender.

“I think he’ll be a great fit,” Cho said.

Michael Jordan who is the owner of Honets also sees Stephenson’s potential.

“He [Michael Jordan] loves my game and what I bring to the table,” said Stephenson. “He loves that I’m a great passer and I play with my teammates, and he loves the competitive edge that I have.”

As for the ear-blowing incident, Stephenson is feeling very remorseful but also explained his intentions:

During the series I was trying to play hard against LeBron and help my team win.  I’m very competitive and I know some of the antics were over the border — but I was just trying to do whatever it takes to win.

It is evident that Stephenson does whatever it takes to win, however, he has two sides of him.

Off the court, he’s funny and likes to joke around with teammates and friends. However, on the court, he’s serious, competitive, and has “no friends” on the opposing team.


Sherley Boursiquot—@sherleybee_