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On a day riddled with the tragic news of the death of 280 passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, Jason Biggs, who’s only most famous for his roles in the American Pie film series and the Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black, took to Twitter to score a few laughs in the midst of the disaster.

“Anyone wanna buy my Malaysia Airlines frequent flier miles?” he tweeted.


Simply put, it wasn’t funny. As you’d expect, the distasteful joke was met with an uproar of tweeters rightfully condemning the 36-year-old actor. He then went on to retort in a juvenile, “you guys can’t take a joke” manner and referring to his critics as “losers”, “*ssholes” and “p*ssies”.

Read the tweets as they unfolded below:

Biggs Twitter1 Jason Biggs2 Biggs Twitter 3 Biggs Twitter4 Biggs Twitter5 Biggs Twitter6 biggs-6 Biggs Twitter 8 Biggs Twitter9


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