Footage quickly made its rounds around the Internet of Floyd Mayweather’s promotional press conference.  While he was promoting his September 13th fight against Marcos Maidana, someone asked him about T.I.

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He sounded like he said “What about the b***h? I f****d his b***h” but Mayweather says that’s not true.  He took to his Instagram account to clear things up, saying,

At the press conference, I said “… he thinks I was f*cking his b*tch”. I DID NOT say “… I was f*cking his b*tch”. I’ve never been with Tiny sexually. I respect her situation and I thinks she’s a good person. I would never disrespect a marriage. #Mayhem on September 13th.

Mayweather presser



This coincides with what Mayweather previously told Necole Bitchie about never having sexual relations with Tiny.  It is a little difficult to hear over the crowd noise.  What do you think?

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)

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  • Michael says:

    Just because you got paper don’t mean you have the right to be disrespectful grow up ni**a white people eatting this
    Sh*t up