With tours that has taken him from New York City to Shanghai and back, soul icon and frontman for the Tomás Doncker Band, Tomás Doncker, has enjoyed an eventful career. But the head of True Groove Records is just getting started. After his recent partnership with The Orchard for worldwide distribution and licensing for the True Groove, Doncker will soon back to his jet setting ways.

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To kick things off, Doncker is approaching the business from a new angle by implementing the project as a multimedia performance concert. He states, “We had been bouncing the idea of a blues” record around for awhile. A “hardcore” modern Blues record. Every time we discussed it The Wolf came up. Willie Dixon came up. Smokestack Lightning, Spoonful, Evil – on and on…The stories – so vivid, even today! We wanted to be a part of that lineage, that history. We wanted to tell that Same Ol’ Story one mo’ time…Our way! We felt the time was right.”

Tomás Doncker has and looks to continue influencing the careers of multiple performers across genres and generations. You can stream The Tomás Doncker Band’s current album, The Howlin Wolf, on bandcamp.com