As the sun shines and we keep getting invited to several events, we still want to keep a great look as well as remain comfortable. After so many concerts, festivals like Coachella and Governor’s Ball, we tend to reminisce on those styles. From the flower child look to crop tops and cut-off shorts you can bring them those styles back to the streets from the campsites. One of our favorite styles that we’ve added to our day to day wardrobe for summer is the maxi dress. Of course you have some of the more “traditional” styles of solids racerback.

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We came upon something a bit more “risky” and we had to add it to our list of HER SOURCE VICES. The Women’s Scoop Maxi from Flynn Skye is just it. Whether you’re rocking it with sneakers of a pair of sandals it looks great. It comes in a burgundy print with the finest scoop back ever. If you’re feeling like it’s too risky pair it with a lace bralet or bandeau. It retails for $150 USD and you can cop it here.


Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaTot) and The Game finally met her yesterday, he smelled of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and natural herbs.