When this writer originally heard the song “No Flex Zone”, he probably thought the same thing that readers did: how old are these Rae Sremmurd dudes? It’s a hard question to avoid, everyone has tried to approximate their age. I’ve gotten a range of guesses, from about nine to seventeen; all of which turn out to be false. Even when talking to the Slim Jimmy  and Swae Lee, I couldn’t get a straight answer. “We’re 40”, they kept repeating, mischievously laughing after each instant, betraying their scheme. After one listen of their hit song, it’s obvious that they are lying and just trying to pull my leg, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that two young brothers, barely breaking their 20’s, have made it onto the national stage. Their success has elevated themselves, their town, and their label, Ear Drummer, Mike Will Made-It’s imprint.

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During our conversation, the pair’s personality shined though. While we were talking over the phone, it was still evident that the Slim Jimmy and Swea Lee are making sure to have as much fun as humanly possible. They were extremely appreciative, but at the same time, they were definitely milking this experience for everything that it is worth. This quality was infectious. I found myself laughing and joking along with the two, as they talked over one another to get their point across. After the call ended, I walked away a bigger fan of the two. Check out the back and forth below.

These past weeks have seen “No Flex Zone” go from underground hit to a major game changing record. It’s on everybody’s playlist, how does it feel to get that recognition and have everyone mess with it?


Jimmy: It feels like Ali in the boxing ring. (chuckles)

So, how did you guys get your start? You’re brothers right.

Lee: Rapping was always something we did for real. For fun mostly.

Did you guys start taking it really serious at some point?  Or were you guys always taking it seriously?

Jimmy: We made these little recordings and performed. So, I guess we were taking it serious from the beginning and we always have been.

You guys are fairly young though, like 19 and 20.

Lee: Naw, we are forty.


Jimmy: Yea, I’m thirty (Chuckles)

Lee: And I’m forty (Laughs)

Yeah okay…you sound twelve. 

Jimmy: Naw, we are really 30 and 40

You have this one part of the song, where you say “Kool Moe Dee, five chains on”. It’s a crazy reference. Are you a fans of Kool Moe Dee?

Lee: Yeah man, we are fans of all that type of music. When I was writing the verse, I looked down and saw that I had my chains on. I decided to pay homage to one of the greats, you have too. You know, I paid homage to Kool Moe Dee and Mr. T, who really started this whole thing out.

Dope it’s not everyday you hear a Kool Moe Dee name drop in the middle of a trap record

Lee: No doubt, we are fans and had to pay homage.

You guys are really interesting for a number of reason, but specifically that flow. It’s like you hesitate before the last word or syllable in the bar. Like “We stepped in the, building”

Jimmy: haha, exactly. It is something that makes differentiates us. We wanted to come out with our own thing, to be different. So, we tried out a few things and that one really worked out well. We ran with that one and it has stuck. We didn’t want to be like anyone else.

You guys definitely aren’t, which is awesome. What is on the horizons for Rae Srummurd?

Lee: We have a couple more songs that we are about to drop. We are waiting for the right time to release the EP, Sremm Life

Jimmy: It’s about striving for that good life, the life that everyone wants.

That’s cool and exciting. I tell people that “No Flex Zone” is one of the funnest songs out there, it’s just about having a blast. Was that your intention going into it?

Lee: Yeah man, we just wanted to have fun and get everyone excited. We didn’t want people to go out and feel like they want to commit murder, you know. It’s just about a good time and turning up as much as possible. The things that we love.

No doubt, thanks for talking to me. I know that it is rough for you two middle age men to get up and talk to us?

Jimmy: Haha Thanks for everything, don’t forget Sremm Life, 50 Shades of Sremm.

500 Days of Sremm?

Lee: Exactly, haha.

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