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Kanye west is on the cover of this months issue of GQ Magazine.  This marks his second time appearing on the style forward mens magazine,  visually and content wise the issue does not disappoint.  As with any Kanye West interview there is a lot to digest here so we picked out a few key moments to highlight from the interview conduected by Staff Writer Zach Baron.  Check out the full article HERE

He’s asked about whether his next album will be more pop, ala Graduation/MBDF or more Yeezus sounding?  He speaks on what he refers to as his new single the Jay Z inspired “All day”


usually Jay would say [these lyrics], but Jay’s not on there. So I say, All day, nigga, it’s Ye, nigga. Shopping for the winter, it’s just May, nigga. Ball so hard, man, this shit cray, nigga. You ain’t getting money unless you got eight figures. Right? Jay would have said that. And then eventually I would have came in with, like, whatever I come in with.

As of now the plan is to have something out in the next few weeks, and for the album to come october/september.

Earlier, as part of a multi tiered question Jay-Z and Beyonce not attending his wedding that was brought up, he completely ignored that part.

He presents an interesting concept regarding Kim, how her celebrity is looked at as not valuable and how being in the presence of, or in “collaboration” with other people and entities that are respected that may change that, quote here . Pardon the  shameless twitter plug

He also uses some interesting metaphors involving fighter jets and dinosaurs. (

He mentions how he almost had a line in the Watch The Throne song “New Day” along the lines of “come on Jay you know we’re both going to have daughters” and how that would of really been a moment he could call on when he “pops that creative genius shit” next time Ye..

He still think’s Yeezus was ahead of its time and “broke all the rules, makes an interesting point about the Donald Sterling situation and “New Slaves” being that much more relevant in light of it.  He also still thinks the second verse on it is the “best rap verse of all time”, hey stand up for what you believe in right?

Again, check out the full story “A Brand New Ye” here, and check out the issue on newsstands now.

Spencer probably enjoys reading a Kanye West interview more than just about anything, follw him on Twitter where he makes this obnoxiously clear- @Sjeezs

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