If this goes down, the East will get very, very interesting.

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Last year, the Eastern Conference was pretty clear cut.  There was The Miami Heat and The Indiana Pacers, and then there was everyone else.  Sure enough, Indiana and Miami finished #1 and #2 in the Eastern Conference standings, and despite the other talented 6 teams that made the playoffs along with them, those two teams battled for the Eastern Conference Championship.

The landscape of the Eastern Conference has already drastically changed for the upcoming 2014-2015 regular season, what with LeBron James returning home to become a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Paul Pierce migrating down south to Washington D.C. to play with John Wall and the Wizards, and Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner departing from Indiana to take better deals on other teams.  Kevin Love may change it drastically once more.  Chicago may have lost out on Carmelo Anthony and their dream of having Dwyane Wade come to Chicago to play for his hometown team, but they’ve reportedly left open the possibility of acquiring  the Kevin Love sweepstakes now that Carmelo Anthony seems bent on finishing his career as a New York Knicks.