This thing is nowhere close to over, unfortunately

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Donald Sterling turned the basketball world on its head in April without lifting a finger, or shooting a free throw.  The absurd racist rant his girlfriend, V. Stiviano recorded and leaked to TMZ started what’s has become a 4-month marathon of interviews, negotiations, absurd claims, arguments,and, on The La Clippers side of things, hurt, confusion and anger surrounding the bigoted comments of their shamed owner.

In April, The Clippers were outside favorites to potentially represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals, and following a bittersweet elimination from playoff contention–The Clips’ loss to the Thunder in 6 games at least meant they no longer had to suit up for Sterling–the side show that is an everlasting game of musical chairs between Donald Sterling, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, interim Clippers CEO Dick Parsons, Head Coach Doc Rivers, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and the media  has taken center stage.


Sterling today filed a new injunction claiming his wife Shelly had no right to sell the team because he was the sole owner, Ballmer isn’t the current owner of the team, and despite of several vain efforts to remove Donald Sterling from power, he is still ultimately the team’s owner.

Doc Rivers on the other hand has maintained that should Sterling remain the coach, he’s leaving.  No matter how close the Clippers are to being a contender–which they are if they stay healthy and play defense– Rivers has placed a paramount on his integrity above all.  In court on tuesday Parsons testified that on multiple occasions he has spoke with Rivers in which he expressed this sentiment.

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