One of the Nation’s most secure monuments was sacredly violated yesterday and officials are still trying to figure out how and why

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Most people around the world know that the waving of the white flag is an international symbol of surrender, so many Americans were in fear and shock to find out that two white flags had replaced the American flags at the two apexes of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The NYPD have finally admitted that they have no idea how the security breach occurred, however, they seem confident that this incident is totally unrelated to any form of terrorism.


“At this time there is no sign Of any particular nexus to terrorism or even politics. It could be someone’s art project or a statement, but it’s not clear what that statement is”, says NYPD Deputy Commisioner John Miller, who oversees intelligence and counterterrorism.

Authorities are saying that they have a surveillance video which shows four or five people going onto the bridge’s suspension area a little after 3am on Tuesday. The lights that illuminate the flags were allegedly dimmed by large aluminum tins while the while flags were mounted. According to reports, there is a period of 13 minutes between the time when the lights went out and the white flags went up.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)