Robin Thicke’s plan to capture his estranged wife’s heart again, with the album Paula, titled and dedicated to her persons, may have ultimately failed. Well, it isn’t certain at the moment, but all signs are headed in that direction. TMZ reports that the couple have put their Bel Air home, which has been in the Thicke family since 1990, up for sale.

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The 3,158 square foot home is currently listed at $2, 985,000, a hefty going price. Neither has official moved out of the two story property, but Paula Patton and Thicke haven’t lived together since February. 

We’re sure that he will miss the awesome views of Sunset Blvd and will forever lament his tarnished relationship, but Paula did perform decently. Finishing last month at number 9 on the charts, moving 24,000 copies. That might not help Thicke’s mind though.


Just Jimi, @Nativejimi