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We got to talk exclusively with the young rising singer as she talked about the best advice that she ever received from Marsha Ambrosius, Prince being a major influence in her career, BET Awards debut, and so much more.

Check out the interview.

Congratulations on your debut at the BET Awards, what was your reaction from fans watching it?


Gabi Wilson: Thank you. Oh yeah, thought it was crazy they weren’t really expecting it, they were really surprised that I was on the piano and then the guitar solo. A lot of people that already knew me when I was little knew that I would finally showcase my talent to the rest of the world but others that didn’t know who I was respected that and I really appreciated that. They were saying that I was a mini Prince and that’s a huge title you know. The reactions were amazing.

What was the inspiration behind the single, “Something To Prove”?

G.W.: Something To Prove kind of came from me wanting to sample an old school song The Isley Brothers and then getting a dope drum that would be an anthem for the summer. I worked with these producers Pop & Oak and they were like “oh you wanted to sample The Isley Brothers “. We did “Between The Sheets” & remixed it and made it my own. Thinking about maybe a situation in the past. It was something that kind of came together.

In three words, how would you describe your music?

G.W.: In three words hmm, musical, youthful but soulful

Since you are young, did you face the pressure in the industry?

G.W.: Um, you know I don’t feel like I do a lot of the time because a lot of people are not made for this position, I feel like if you are made for the position then of course it gets hard sometimes but it is not as hard as it would be you don’t love what you doing. I really enjoy doing shows, doing interviews, going to events, and being in the studio. It’s really what I love to do, so I never feel any pressure I feel like just need to be better than myself everyday I need to grow to grow but sometimes it does get hard when everyone around you is a little nervous for you, but I usually overcome it.

Who inspired you musically?

G.W.: Definitely, Prince, he is so talented and he is one of the greatest and his presence is  so amazing. I love learning from his live shows, and also Alicia Keys.

Since you are signed to MBK Entertainment, what is the chemistry like between you and Elle Varner?

G.W.: Me & Elle grew in the same management MBK Entertainment, she always been like a big sis to me from the very beginning. When I first came to New York, I was doing showcases before I got signed or even trying to get signed, she was always there supporting me and rooting me on. We were together on our off days and she would play new music and I would play her music. We both definitely grown together and watching her career explode was amazing to me because you know, I was listening to music that was still being written. We just have a really great musical connection as well as a great friendship.

If you have to create a dream collaboration, who would it be with? and why?

G.W.: hmm, I want to say Prince because it would be so dope if he plays on guitar and I could play on keys or even on drums or bass. If we did it live, we would tear it up. I think it would be crazy.

When you first started in the industry, what celebrity gave you the best advice?

G.W.: The celebrity that gave me the best advice hmm, I would say Marsha Ambrosius. She’s so close to me,  I got to know her when I was real young before I was playing music and we had a long conversation, she basically told me, “only the greats, they do it when they don’t feel like doing it, it you could do that then you’re going to be great”. I thought that was some major advice because even when you don’t feel like doing it, if you do it then you are one step ahead of a person that only does it when they feel like it.

When can fans expect your debut album?

G.W.: I’m hoping the top of next year or at the end of the year. I’m trying to build up to it. But I’m taking my time.

You could follow the 17 year old sensation on social media on Twitter at @gabiwilson and on Instagram at @gabiwilsoniscool

In case you missed her performance at the BET Awards, you could watch it here.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)