The NBA star stops by the international headquarters of the 5% Nation in Harlem yesterday

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After the media and fan inquiries in April over Jay-Z and Carmelo Anthony’s bearing of the Universal Flag, the flag of the 5% Nation, Carmelo cleared the air in terms of his stance after briefly stopping by Allah School In Mecca yesterday.

Friday evening, the Knicks star made an appearance at the school of the 5% Nation, also known as the Nation Of Gods And Earths, which is located at 2122 7th Avenue, just around the corner from the Apollo Theater. According to reports, Anthony was there to donate 48 Jordan brand basketball uniforms for a tournament being held in commemoration of neighboring Saint Nicholas Projects’ Old Timers Day as well as the memory of Darrell Clark. Clark was a 16 year old aspiring basketball player and Five Percenter with asthma who passed away during a game.


Carmelo arrived at the Youth Center, which was given to the Nation’s founder Allah by NYC Mayor Lindsay in 1967, with a few 5% family members in tow and the controversial medallion on his neck. He was greeted by Allah B, one of the school’s facilitators, who said that it was totally unexpected for the b-ball star to show up at Allah School.

“Black Just told me that he was coming to drop the uniforms off. I didn’t even know that he was bringing Carmelo”, says Allah B. “He went in the yard with the women and children and interacted with the people passing by. He wanted to be here for the tournament, but he was going out of town last night, so he stopped by first and dropped the uniforms off. He said Fat Joe was having a game, so he said he was headed there, then out of town.”

Anthony recently signed a new $124 million contract with the Knicks, so it appears that Melo is just making himself comfortable in his Big Apple home. Now let’s just hope that the Knick fans love him as much as the Gods and Earths.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

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