Kevin Durant “reportedly” has a curse on him

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Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players on the planet, and over the past few years, he’s solidified himself as one of the great talents the NBA has ever seen, highlighted by winning the 2013-2014 NBA MVP award.  However, after losing to the Miami Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals, and being eliminated by the Grizzlies and Spurs in the past two seasons, that ever-elusive NBA Championship has proved to be quite elusive to the lanky forward from the DMV.

After Durant called rapper Lil’ B “wack” on Twitter, Lil’ B tweeted that because of his reckless criticism, Kevin Durant would never win an NBA Chamionship.  Coupled with the Thunder falling short the past few seasons, Lil’ B’s alleged “curse” on Kevin Durant has become one of the more prevalent jokes in pop culture.


Finally, someone in a Thunder jersey speaks on it.  In an interview with Triangle Offense, Jeremy Lamb was asked about the Lil’ B curse.  Specifically, how real it was, and whether or not he and his Thunder teammates ever use it to get under Kevin Durant’s skin.  Lamb’s answer, surprisingly, was yes.  They “play around with it”, according to the former UCONN Huskie, and they use it to amp him up, and try to mess with Kevin in an effort to keep him on his toes.  Lamb did mention that he’s not sure if they honestly take it seriously (they here being Durant and Lil’ B), but its certainly not something they’re scared to bring up, even with KD in the locker room.