Rely on your shoes to guide you.

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As we move forward into the information age, technology has taken new heights.  Not a day goes by that a consumer doesn’t use technology. We depend on technology to set up schedules, drive and even navigate directions.

In a recent innovation, the developers at Ducere Technologies in India created a new definition of “footwear.”  The Lechal (meaning “take me along” in Hindu) smartshoes enable people not to rely on just their phone for directions, with the use of  sleek technology your shoes will be able to guide you to where you need to go.  How does this work?


Developers at Ducere Technologies found a way to connect the footwear to the internet through Bluetooth to use Google Maps, once connected, the user can be guided by slight vibrations in the shoe. This idea was initially meant for the visually impaired but slowly developed into something for all consumers.  Lechal footwear can not only guide you to where you want to go, it also comes equipped with sensors to keep track of distance traveled and calories burned.

The technology is located in the insole of the shoe and is detachable, rechargeable and is compatible with iPhones, Androids and Windows.   Lechal smartshoes will come in a red and black color way and be available in September retailed between $100-$150.


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