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Lord J talks Jay-Z, the Universal Flag, and other Five Percenter ideology with DJ Vlad

Lord Jamar, a 30- year member of the Five Percent Nation and one fourth of Brand Nubian, spoke with Vlad TV last week. He opened up about his thoughts on rapper Jay Z wearing the Five Percent Nation medallion, and what he really feels about the white man. He states while he’s not upset with Jay Z, he would like to clear up the “mystery.”


  “Usually someone who’s not in the Five Percent Nation doesn’t wear our flag.”  “You know what I mean? That’s something that’s usually reserved for people within the Nation…I’m not upset with him. It’s not like I’m upset that he’s wearing it. I think it’s actually—it’s helping to raise awareness about us,” he states.

Jamar says he is unaware of what the fellow artist standing is with the organization. “It’s all the mystery surrounding it,” Jamar says. “The mysterious nature of not knowing exactly why he’s wearing it and what the significance is to him.” “It’s not in line with how we usually do things,” he said. “I have no idea, I mean, there’s been little hints,” he said. “I’ve heard him for a while now dropping little things in his music. Saying little…Giving slight acknowledgement to the Gods. And shit, even to us. You know? ‘Only God can judge me, so I’m gone. Either love me or leave me alone.’ And especially on the last album. On that Holy Grail he got a song called ‘Heaven’ where he’s shouting out the Gods basically…But as far as actually coming out and proclaiming that he’s God and coming amongst the Gods and building with the Gods. And making knowledge born. Making understanding understood. He has not done that. That’s something that if he is interested in obtaining the knowledge of self or if he has been studying unbeknownst to us, that’s something that we’d like to, know. Because we’d love to welcome him in and make sure what he’s learning he’s learning correctly.”

Jamar also spoke about professional Basketball player and close friend to Hov, Carmelo Anthony rocking a very similar chain. “I seen Melo with a similar chain.” “The first time I saw it I almost thought it was Melo’s chain, now I that Jay Z is into the sports management and all of that right now, so my initial thing when I first saw him wearing it was almost like oh he trying to get at Melo right now,” he said. “He trying to get Melo down with that Roc Nation sports shit and he’s letting him know yo I fucks with you, I fucks with the Gods,” he said.

Earlier this month, Jay Z handed Jay Electronica a Universal Flag medallion, during the rappers performance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. It was addressed in a letter written by Minister Louis Farrakhan. “So, if someone offered me what Brother Jay Electronica was offered by Brother Jay Z, I too would accept it with the biggest smile on my face, for I too, as all of us in The Nation of Islam, are The Five Percent; Poor Righteous Teachers who are called to teach the 85 Percent, and free them from the chains of slavery and subservience as tools of the 10 Percent,” Minister Farrakhan said.

When the conversation turned to the white and Jamar was asked if he believed the white man was the devil, he responded without hesitation, “Yep.” “But now with that being said white people come from the black man. And the original devil, the strongest devil is a black devil. So, are white people devils by themselves? No,” he said. “They come from a stronger version of the devil, which was the original black man. And when we speak of God and devil we are not speaking in the same terms that you would think of a God and devil how you’ve been traditionally taught as far as within religion. We redefine what God and devil is and what it means to us. And it’s not anything spooky. It’s a frame of mind, basically. And even white and black is not necessarily a skin color. It’s a frame of mind. So, is the white man the devil? Yes, he is,” Jamar states. “Do I mean just the Caucasian skin person, no. The white man of mind, the white mind, the one that goes against nature, the one that murders and rapes and steals, the unrighteous mind is the devil and that can be within all different skin colors.”

-Sara D.(@evolaras4real)