Bey pulls off her signature move

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Beyoncé seems to always reassure us every time there are speculations about her and Jay-Z troubled marriage…or does she?

The latest report on the Carters was that Beyoncé was seen apartment-shopping by herself. Hours after the apartment-hunting story made it all over the tabloids—Bey posted on Instagram a loving photo of Jay-Z and Blue Ivy on the beach. “My favorite hue is Jay Z Blue,” read the caption.


However, instead of Beyoncé posting pictures of her, Hov, and their daughter as ‘one big happy family’ on Instagram— whenever there are rumors that her marriage to Jay Z is slowly crumbling down, why not release a statement saying it isn’t?

Nonetheless, I suppose there isn’t any trouble in paradise.


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Sherley Boursiquot—@sherleybee_