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ESPN is taking commentator Stephen A. Smith off the air.

Smith is suspended for the offensive comments he made about women and domestic violence last week Friday. The network says Smith will not appear on his show “First Take” or on ESPN Radio. He will return August 6.


Yesterday on “First Take”, Smith apologized to those that took offense to his inflammatory comments, telling women to make sure they’re not doing anything “to provoke wrong actions.”

In a statement to employees released Tuesday, ESPN president John Skipper said the following:

We’ve said publicly and in this space that those remarks did not reflect our company’s point of view or our values. They certainly don’t reflect my personal beliefs.

We have been engaged in thoughtful discussion about appropriate next steps. Those conversations have involved a diverse group of women and men in our company. Our women’s [employee resource group] has added to the conversation, and going forward, I know they will help us continue constructive discussion on this and related issues.

Stephen has called what took place ‘the most egregious mistake’ of his career. I believe his apology was sincere and that he and we have learned from what we’ve collectively experienced. I’m confident we will all move forward with a greater sense of enlightenment and perspective as the lasting impact of these last few days. I want to thank all those whose thoughts have contributed along the way.

Michelle Beadle, fellow ESPN anchor, was also enraged by Smith’s comment. She’s yet to respond to his suspension.


Sherley Boursiquot—@sherleybee_


  • Geno says:

    Some women do take it too far.

  • Donna Jinks says:

    I have a 2 sons and a daughter! I tell my boys and girls keep there hands to themselves. If someone put there hands on them other than me or their dad. They are going to deal with me! I love my kids but I don’t lay hands on my kids so no one else is either. Now there dad says if they hit first protect yourself.! And I don’t have a problem with it. Just keep your hands to your self. Me as woman I know when a man has said just chill we keep running off at the mouth. We need to learn to control our tempers it will help.

  • Jonathan Flowers says:

    This is bull!

    Thanx for letting know so i can tune out the whole network until the 6th!

  • Pat Brackens says:

    I agree with Smith; and why are people being offended by the truth?????

  • Maurice says:

    What in the world did he say that was wrong!?!?!? If anything he only remotely touched on the side that many ignore and that is the fact that some women DO push men in this direction. He stated that it was wrong especially in THIS case and then said what some fail to consider, and that is some women do in fact provoke men. ESPN got this one wrong.

  • j. Hopkins says:

    I’m a female and I agree with what he said..although I don’t condone men beating on women and that men should try as they may to leave the area…I’m not clueless to fact that there are women that Will follow just to provoke anger in a man…so all these self righteous people need to get off the bull….and accept the truth….

  • Women now how to provoke I’ve been there. I’ve been abuse by women mentally and physically.There have been women abuse i agreed.But please tell me how many men have been falsely accuse of abuse.Just because some women want to so call teach there man a lesson .Facts He did nothing wrong he still has freedom of speech.Or are we at the point in this world that you can just not tell the real truth .Everything needs to be sugar coated.

  • Leonard says:

    I want ro applaud stephensmith, how can u suspend hik for telling the truth, fuck thoughs womens group and women who think women should play by different rules, but always screaming they wanna be equal. As long as women keep there hands to there self, they should have nothing to worry about (atleast with me). Certain women like to provoke shit then thier quick to call the cops. Im with u stephen. Keep speakin the truth.

  • As a woman, I do agree that we must be conscious of what we say and do. We know exactly how to push buttons and how far we can go, his comment by no means justified the action. However what it did do was be truthful about violence. It takes two people to fight and ESPN is showing that despite what’s true, they will support “offended” women regardless of how asinine they are. Way to go, great lesson for our children.