Two-9 stays busy. They’ve been on tour with World’ Fair, released a line on Hypebeast, putting out quality project after project, and being featured as a Mic Check in The Source. Well now all of that hard work has paid off. They recently signed a recording deal with Mike WiLL’s Eardruma Records/Interscope Records. So now Curtis Williams, Retro Sushi (Jace & Ceej), and FatKidsBrotha (Lightskin Mac 11 & Dav.E) will be under the guidance of one of the biggest names in club bangers.

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Mike WiLL had this to say about the move: “There hasn’t been a collective of creative coming out of Atlanta like Two-9 since Outkast. They have great energy, make dope music, and they’re always trying to push things forward, not box themselves in. I respect their art, their grind, and their whole movement, and I’m excited to help them take their brand to the next level.”

Two-9 will start working on their first official album with Mike WiLL at the helm of Executive Producer. Look forward from a lot more from Eardruma in the near future. You can watch the official signing of all the paperwork below.


Bryan Hahn wouldn’t mind signing to Eardruma Records since he stays in the No Flex Zone. Just check out his Twitter (@notupstate).