The man who killed Trayvon Martin’s  fascination with guns has apparently gone too far

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George Zimmerman put down his neighborhood watch job, and says he is now working at Pompano Pat’s Motorcycles. The store sells guns, ammunition, and motorcycles, according to DeLand, Florida.

Zimmerman was spotted by police in his truck, outside of the store Sunday night, around 12:30am, according to WFTV. It is the same store where the owner  received  death threats after offering Zimmerman a handgun that was identical to the one he used when he took  17 year Trayvon Martin’s life.


Zimmerman who was acquitted of the murder last year, told police the owner of the shop asked him to guard the shop because it was recently burglarized.

The shop owner couldn’t be reached, however, a gun sales manager stated Zimmerman “Is not an employee of the business and he is not getting paid in any way.”

With a history of violence well before he took Martin’s life, you have to wonder who would trust Zimmerman around any weapon, if he actually is an employee at the store. If Zimmerman wasn’t working at the shop, what was he doing there? Is the justice system breeding a monster?

-Sara D.(@evolaras4real)