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Sex is a beautiful thing! I know that most of us think about it often or even act on sexual urges often. It’s natural, it’s a part of growing into your manhood or womanhood, and it feels great. The bigger questions are, is that all that sex is and does sex go beyond the physical gratification of the moment for you? What we don’t address often is the effect of sex on your spirit or soul. This is one of the most important topics (if you ask me) that relates to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. At this point you might be thinking, wow, she’s pretty dramatic right now. I assure you beloveds, it’s not me presenting information in a drastic manner but instead the misleading notion that sex does not have drastic consequences on the above named levels. We can all understand that energy exists and can be transferred through fundamental interactions which can change form but not be destroyed. Now, what does this mean with regard to sex? Let me tell you, it means that energy is transferred during the act of sex.

With this in mind, you can have the most mind blowing sex ever, if you are willing to only have sex with an individual that you are connected to whose energy is worth becoming a part of your very being. During sex, various types of energies can be exchanged. The energy can be healing, nurturing, balancing, and/or energizing. This is more of a holistic approach to sex and relationships. Within this process, there is an understanding of energy, how it relates to your person, how to transfer energy from yourself to another, and how to receive it for another. In addition to understanding the above, you also have to understand how to harvest those energies within yourself. Meditation or meditative activities will be more productive in assisting you with this effort. Take the time to look into moving meditations such as yoga, tai chi, dancing, qigong, walking, and etcetera. It will be within the correlation and perfecting of the two that will enable you produce a different sexual experience along with different sensations that vary in intensity and depth.


Finally, do not get caught up in main stream music or ideologies that attempt to passively dismiss the power of sex and its connection to every aspect of your being. I can give you the sex is sacred speech all day but if you have never been afforded the opportunity to experience it, then the speech is useless to you. Hood health offers a window into holistic practices that regardless of socioeconomic status are essential, vital, and made readily available for your growth and development. This article in no way promotes sexually promiscuity. It does promote the idea of a better and stronger way to be connected through the medium that we call sex should you happen to engage in that act. Be wise with regard to who you share your energy with. Just like individuals can give you the feeling of new found life, they can also take away so much energy and leave you feeling drained, numb, or dead on the inside. Be safe, use protection, and above all love yourselves immensely. Don’t forget to follow me @NakeashaJ on Twitter and @Melanated_Beauty on Instagram!

-Nakeasha Johnson(@NakeashaJ)

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