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The Lux iPhone 6 is ready for pre-order just in time before Apple launches the iPhone 6 this year. But the catch is, buyers will have to wait a whole month after the general release.


Moreover, the ‘Lux’ stands for Luxury and is available in the new gold, platinum and diamond, by Brikk. According to the company, the new collection includes 14 luxury versions of the upcoming phone.

Daily Mail reports that Brikk disassembles iPhone handsets and then reassembles them with custom-made layers of gold or platinum and diamonds set with a microscope. After the diamonds are applied,1.08 carats worth of diamonds, they are then tested before being shipped off to clients.

Furthermore, the Lux iPhone 6 is built with a 4.7-inch,128GB model (which is faster and bigger), and is available in 24 karats yellow gold, 24 karats pink gold, 24 karats pure platinum, and the classic black and white, the company stated in a release. The pre-order deposit is a total of $500 and it’s non-refundable. The balance due will be required by the time iPhone 6 is launched by Apple.

Pricing for the Brikk iPhone 6 starts at $4,495 and goes up to $8,795.



Sherley Boursiquot—@sherleybee_