A new business venture for Mr. Supreme Clientele himself

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Ghost Face Killah and Hi-Art for iOS teamed up to add onto the amazing ways you can express yourself using your smart phone.

The prominent Wu –Tang member was one of few to help launch the app and first sticker pack. Nico Dios, the founder, was part of NYC’s highly acclaimed graffiti crew IRAK.


An Emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression. Emoticons and Emoji’s offer various ranges of tones and feelings. They started in Japan in 1999 and have since gained popularity with the social media surge.

More than 1,000 stickers will be in each sticker pack, on the Hi-Art’s app. While some stickers are free, some will have a very reasonable fee range between $0.99 – $1.99 USD. Check out some of Killah’s stickers below.

-Sara D.(@evolaras4real)