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If you weren’t doing anything last Friday between 4 and 8 PM EST in NYC, you lost. Team Epiphany hosted their final #SUMMERFRIDAYS party at Verboten in Brooklyn and it was the best imaginable way to start off the weekend. But the question everyone wants to know the answer to is, Was it lit? Yes, it was indeed lit.

With plenty of Belvedere and Hennessy flowing for attendees, DJ Wonder spun a mix of EDM and Hip-Hop most of the night to keep the dance floor packed. And for those more prone to sit and watch, there was UNO, Connect Four, and Jenga set up on a few tables. That is, until the Belvedere and Henny hit and “Hot N*gga” came on. The theme for their final party was Animal House, a throwback to all of your favorite house parties that you don’t remember–hence the projector playing clips of movies like House Party and Animal House.

The highlight of the night had to be when RCA singer Tinashe made a surprise appearance to perform, “2 On.” And who else would be on the turntables at that moment, other than DJ Mustard? Most people probably didn’t even notice that the Roc Nation DJ spun a few of his hits towards the end of the night, let alone what time it was.

Big shout out to the sponsors (Belvedere, Hennessy, JBL, Chevrolet, Evian) and looking forward to next summer, Team Epiphany. Check out some pictures from the event below, courtesy of Dorothy Hong (Team Epiphany).


Tinashe Performing at Animal House_3

TInashe Performing at Animal House_1

Tinashe at Animal House_2

DJ Mustard Spinning at Animal House_1

DJ Mustard at Animal House_2

Bryan Hahn ended the night in a blur but got home safely. Thanks for the concern. He’s also on Twitter (@notupstate).