Brooklyn is home to a lot of people. You have your BK-bred rappers who live off the wealth from their album sales & athletes who rep their hometown every chance they get- but it is the people behind the scenes in the “Get Money” borough who have really changed the game & made the world view things from a different light. These people are your teachers, doctors, lawyers, fathers, mothers & mentors- and one of them is L. Londell McMillan.

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Londell is one of the great men who has dedicated his life to his community, craft & undoubtedly succeeded. Growing up in the housing projects of Bedford Stuyvesant and attending middle school with Jay Z was just an early part of his history. Most known for his legal work as an attorney, the NYU Law School graduate has been in the entertainment industry for decades, representing the likes of the late Michael Jackson, Prince, Spike Lee, Kanye West, Mos Def & countless others. He is also the owner & publisher of The Northstar Group, home of The Source & Jones Magazines (and their digital properties). Not quite the Bedstuy Bully, Mr. McMillan is a man who brings positivity to anything he places his hands on. Through his personal and business ventures he has always kept one thing in mind- results. Through The Source Magazine he has truly turned things around from prior owners so that our brand and culture can break through the stereotypes that have been placed & put upon us, giving you the Hip-Hop magazine that you know & love but from a better, more positive perspective. And as the days & months progress, Londell McMillan has also proven to be a man of his word. He has led the brand into the future with a major focus on digital, online, and social media.

Recently, Mr. McMillan has also put together The SOURCE360, a three-day festival celebrating The Source’s 25th Anniversary and the innovative contributions generated by the culture. Covering all bases, he organized a community of event partners to produce SOURCE360 for a weekend filled with not just fun, but a study & celebration of culture and a total market experience. So come on out the weekend of September 19th to join us as we take the culture back and celebrate it! See for more info.


…And while you’re at it, wish Londell a Happy Birthday @LondellMcMillan!


Written by Kairi, you can follow her @_findingforever.