Drake is probably the best at deflecting criticism and not responding to something every time he’s prodded with a stick–which is just about every day.  For quite some time, Drake has become the butt of Twitter jokes concerning his awkward situations and poses in music videos and at award shows, and, sometimes, his daily choice of wardrobe. On an Instagram picture depicting Drizzy squatting while wearing denim on denim, with a white hoodie and matching Jordan sneakers, someone took the opportunity to claim:

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“Wow his style sucks but his music is great so it doesn’t even matter”

Drake, being Drake, clapped back.


“Yea damn my style sucks you’re right…I should start wearing men’s Giuseppe shoes with the gold buckles so I can be more swag in 2014. I apologize to all my fans for not wearing more Giuseppe.”

Totally awesome.  Check out an action flick below [via Complex]

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