MTV has decided to go balls to the wall and continue the (horrible) legacy of Jersey Shore, only this time in Mexico.

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MTV’s Mexican version of the show, Acapulco Shore, will debut on both MTV Latin America and their U.S. bilingual channel MTV TR3s, according to Variety.  Like the American version, the new reality series will follow the lives of eight young Mexicans who live close to Acapulco, one of the country’s premiere tourist destinations.

The American version of the series ran from 2009 to 2012 and averaged almost 9 million viewers at the peak of its popularity.


“We’re very proud to announce Acapulco as the center of production of the first Mexican version of the ‘Shore’ franchise, the energy here and its vibrant social day and nightlife are the perfect combination for the series,” said the Vice President of Viacom International Media Networks, which owns MTV.

This won’t be the first time MTV tries replicating the series internationally, as MTV has already unleashed the U.K.’s “Geordie Shore,” Poland’s “Warsaw Shore” and Spaina’s “Gandia Shore.”