The Voices of Terror, a New Jersey based underground duo that fuses Hip-Hop, electronic and alternative music mixes brash beats with their aggressive vocals. They look to take musicality to a new level by implementing old school gangster rap with modern day alternative rhythms.

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Vocalists/rappers Mike Walker and Zero Production, always had a love for music since a very early age as they were inspired by contemporaries such as Tech N9ne, Public Enemy and Death Grips. With their album debut, Rock-Rap Dynasty, The Voices of Terror, wrote and produced their own music which enabled them to stay true to their craft and proceed with a unique sound.

While it may take the masses some time to be enlightened about this new music incarnation, once momentum is gained, people will see that shouldn’t be afraid of The Voice of Terror or the new innovative sound they have to offer.


Take a listen to Rock-Rap Dynasty in it’s entirety at Bandcamp.