Imagine a world where, instead of drugs and sex, people had to smuggle the truth and knowledge. What if fulfillment through self-knowledge was scarce and distributed unevenly to the masses? In a way, the current world isn’t too far off from that image. Even with technology and mass media, there’s probably a lot going on that we don’t know about and with all the distractions, many live their lives without facing their deepest personal fears and demons. Well that’s the scary truth that Mick Jenkins portrays in the video for his newest single, “Jazz.” Before The Water[s] drops on the 12th, Mick delivers a simple metaphor that he’s used in prior songs over an elementary beat while the rest of the world continues to talk that Jazz.

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The Alabama emcee by way of Chicago recently made a move to Cinematic Music Group. Expect even bigger things from the emcee this year.

Directed by: Nathan R. Smith


Bryan Hahn has his cup ready for the 12th. He’s on Twitter as well (@notupstate).