Altec’s Waterproof “Life Jacket” Speaker


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Altec Lansing company has been around for 80 years continuously providing people with topnotch speaker technology.  Over the years they’ve has gained the trust of consumers and other companies such as Apple by always taking a step forward to create the next best thing. I took the time out to interview the Vice President of Product Development for the company, Steve Schlangen about Altec’s newest innovation called “The Life Jacket”.

The “Life Jacket” is the only product in the market of its kind.  Not only does it have high quality sound, it is durable.  Opposite from the fad of “sleek design” its rugged geometric exterior made out of rubber can resist the effects of water, shock, dirt and sand hence the name “Life Jacket”.  Steve stated that  the company wanted to give consumers a reliable product that you can bring anywhere and not have to worry about it getting damaged.


In addition to the product being durable,  it is also uses wireless Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth technology can easily connect the speaker to any Apple, Andriod or Blackberry smartphone and can pick up connection from 30 feet away.  To add more innovation, consumers can use the Life Jacket as a speaker while they are on the phone.  Not sure if your phone is connected to the speaker? No worries, Altec Life Jacket developers have ensured easy use of the speaker by adding voice recognition technology.  The speaker will tell you when the device is on or off, when it is connected to your smartphone and has voice automated caller ID.

Product design and development wanted to come up with a product that is easy to use and doesn’t need an instruction manuel.  The Life Jacket comes with three buttons on top and three outlets in the back. The buttons located on top are your simple go to buttons: On/off, volume down and volume up. The outlets in the back are for your auxiliary, and USB cords. The use of less buttons makes this product aesthetically pleasing to the eye and quickly lets consumers subconsciously know that the product is easy to use.

The Life Jacket is suitable for all occasions. It is equipped with a Lithium-ion re-chargable battery that lasts up to 16 hours without charge.  The battery is also powerful enough to enable consumers to fully charge their smartphones with this device. Need more sound? Altec Lansing is known for its great audio quality, the Life Jacket is equipped with aptX CD quality audio.  During the interview,  Schlangen talked about  how various efforts were made to capture every sound low pitch or high pitch in order to stay true to the original audio recording. The Life Jacket audio doesn’t miss a beat, it is clear and concise and gives you the feeling that the sounds are being made right in front of you– it’s like audio in HD.

The package comes with the Altec Lansing Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker, USB charging cable, 3.5mm AUX-in cable, power supply cable and a dust bag to maintain protection. Altec’s Life Jacket is available at Verizon and Amazon valued at $149.99.

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