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Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a bill into a law called “Avonte’s Law” on Thursday, which is intended to make schools safer for students with special needs.

The new law requires that the Department of Education evaluate the need for alarms on all exterior doors at elementary schools and those serving students with special needs, according to NBC news.


If it is assumed that a child can open a door by him or herself, then an alarm must be installed.

NBC news also reported that the U.S Department of Justice will fund voluntary devices for children with autism or other conditions that put them at risk for fleeing their caregivers.

Furthermore, Avonte’s Law was enthused by the disappearance of 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo who suffered from autism and was also non-verbal.  He walked out of his school unnoticed in Queens last October.

After an extensive search, Avonte’s body parts were found in January along the East River.

The city’s law department called the boy’s death a tragedy.


Sherley Boursiquot (@sherleybee_)