Miami femcee Brianna Perry just finished filming the new reality show “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” produced by TI, which will premiere on Oxygen on August 12.  She also launched a new record titled “I’m That B.I.T.C.H” (bitch meaning – beautiful intelligent chick in heels).  

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Read our exclusive interview below:

Q: What interested you in joining the show?


A: I thought it would be a great opportunity for me, for people to see me as more than an artist.


Q: How has the chemistry been so far with your cast mates?

A: The chemistry’s been pretty dope because we’re all so different and it’s funny, we all get along well. Having respect for the other girls, just any female MC that’s in the game who’s trying to work because I get how difficult it is and how much hard work is required. I think everybody has their own plan, we all come from different backgrounds, different walks of life. But we have one common goal, which is to win in this business. So we all have our own things, we’re all so different. It’s fun anytime we get together and I think that will really come across [in the show].


Q: So you guys are all learning from each other?

A: Yeah we have different performances, the show’s going to be really interesting and cool. We have different shows together and then we branch out and are doing our own thing but still working together. That was pretty cool, it was something different from me, all of this is a first so I think that we all got this opportunity and are able to show this moment together. So I’m really excited, I’m ready to march!


Q: So what does the sisterhood of hip-hop mean to you personally?

A: To me personally it’s a simple definition. It’s Brianna Perry, it’s Diamond, it’s Siya, it’s Nyemiah Supreme, it’s Bia, and it’s this journey. I don’t think words can really express the true meaning of it, so you just have to tune in and really watch the series because it’s going to be really dope and really interesting. It’s really refreshing for hip-hop and I don’t think that we’ve been able to really see, it took a very long time to be able to see so many women coexisting in this genre so it’s going to be really dope.


Q: What can fans expect to see when the show airs?

A: Something different, I don’t even like to call it a reality show, it’s just reality. There are things from behind the scenes that people never get to see, like I just graduated from the University of Miami this past May. I was a full-time student and there’s a struggle, a headache of being a full-time student and a recording artist. Traveling, having a relationship, having a real relationship with your mother who’s actually your manager as well, balancing all that. [These responsibilities] really balance out with the relationship with my mom, and just being a student and trying to win. Growing up I started performing when I was nine years old I was on my first album [appearance]. Now I’m 23 years old and trying to tell people that I’m that B.I.T.C.H. and some of them are still looking at me like I’m that nine year old girl rapping about candy (laughs). It’s just a lot of growth so I’m really excited just to watch myself on TV and see how it all comes out. Just to watch the growth and these highlights over the past few months.


Q: What was your major in college?

A: Business. Yeah I definitely need it for the industry because I never wanted to be just one-dimensional. I want to touch so many different avenues: television, movies, endorsements, different brands and all that so I think it was very key for me to go to school to feed my brain and get knowledgable because I don’t want to be just a rapper.


Q: When can we expect some new music from you?

A: I just dropped a new single, “I’m that B.I.T.C.H.” and it’s an acronym for beautiful, intelligent, tough chick in heels. A lot of times that word is used so commonly and it can have negative connotation so I just wanted to shed a little positivity on the record and just hold it down. It just gives the people a new sound from me so the record really shows that it’s very sexy but it’s still very down and powerful and fun. I just gave the people that, the video for that is coming soon and I have “The Sisterhood of Hip-Hop’s” season premiere which I’m very excited about. So a new show, new music, new visuals, and a song for the world to really tap into Brianna Perry.


Q: So what inspired that song in particular?

A: Just shoutout to the producer, Buddha! Just working, even though it was a different sound for me. I think my records always have those elements. I gave the world “Marilyn Monroe,” which was a very fun and sexy, make you feel powerful (record). Later on I gave that (feel) to “I’m that B.I.T.C.H.” Just a lot of fun.


Q: When it comes to that word (bitch) , is it difficult to reclaim it?

A: No (laughs). It’s just so honest, I feel like every woman should feel that way. You’re in school, you’re doing your thing, you’re working. I feel like every woman should reclaim that.


Q: Are you currently working on an album?

A: Yes I’m always in the studio. I think my debut album is going to be very special, it’s not rushed. I’m really taking my time with it and my singles lined up. So I’m definitely working on the album.


Q: T.I.’s a producer on the show, have you learned anything by talking to him/being around him?

A: His role on the show is more behind the scenes, it’s not really hands on where I’m working with him so I can’t really say I’ve had the pleasure of getting any tips or pointers from him.


Q: Any shoutouts?

A: To all the people follow me on twitter, new music new updates, anything new check out on my site New music is on iTunes, “I’m that B.I.T.C.H.” So get into it!

-Jagpal Khahera

Photo Credit: Chris Phelps