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Rowdy Rebbel drops a track with Bobby Shmurda.

After showing us that he’s a hot ni**a, having his “shmoney” dance blow up in such short time, Bobby Shmurda decided to feature on  a track with Rowdy Rebbel, “Computers”. Not sure, if you can do the “Shmoney dance” to it, but it does have a hot beat.


Rowdy put out his video to “Shmoney Dance” a while back which had Bobby in the video, along with others, but the dance itself didn’t blow up until Bobby made his hit, “Hot Ni**a” which is blowing up more and more every day.

Watch the video above, and see what you think.

To see Zalika (@zee_cuffy) murda the Shmurda dance, follow her on twitter.