Jeezy’s batting 1000

With the release of Young Jeezy‘s 5th album Seen It All: The Autobiography getting closer by the day (Sept 2nd), Jeezy continues to do what he does, feed the streets.

Here we have what will be the 12th track on the album, according to his recently released track list , the bidddddanger “Beautiful” ft Game & ex enemy Rick Ross.  Thank the based god that the two made up because this track is pure heat, with Jeezy going somewhat back and forth with Chuck and Rozay.

All we know is if the rest of this album is as good as the two tracks released so far , Jeezy might be on track to drop his best album yet.  Listen below.



Spencer is legit still trying to figure out who got who on this track, Follow him on Twitter – @sjeezs